The first night is a celebration a night before new year to celebrate the American culture. The first day celebration and the merriment starts in the afternoon and continues into the night till midnight. Many congregations are held and large colorful gatherings are arranged by the famous big organizations.

These massive gatherings are sometimes arranged by the people inside their homes while if they are hosted by the communities then they are arranged in a large public place and everyone and anyone can come and celebrate.  The night features all the cultural festivities including great music, lots of dancing, art and poetry, theatrical performances and fireworks. Sometimes these celebrations go overboard with the huge parades that start from one corner of the community and then end up covering a large area.


Throughout the world right about this time the New Year eve is celebrated right before the Christmas and this is a tradition that everyone knows and follows. However the people of Boston- from where the concept of first night originated- felt the need to do something different. They wanted to mark the day before New Year’s Eve as something merrier, more joyous and more non -traditional.

They arranged a large accolade to which the intellectuals, artists, musicians and innovators came to and attended. The gathering also attracted the locals and people from everywhere who wanted to make it a point to attend the event as a must. Soon the word spread about a new occasion set into play and the attendees of the first gathering of the first night in Boston carried this message to the rest of the communities about the celebration of such sort to pay tribute to the culture, works of art and life in general for its generosity and beauty.

The first night was concluded in Boston with glittering fireworks and alcohol. However it was highly ensured that alcohol remained a small part of the celebration. It was not to be made compulsory because this is a key differentiator between the average New Year eve celebration and the first night. Since the end of the year and the time of the year around which the first night falls on the calendar is the season of winter hence ice sculptures became a centerpiece for attraction on the first night around which people gathered, talked, laughed, danced, played music, enjoyed, music, met others from different ethnicities and celebrated the end of the year and welcomed a new beginning with glad tidings and extreme happiness.

The first night started off as a gathering arranged by a new innovators and creative people and gained massive support and appreciation from people from all over. The event was covered in media and the live coverage was given into minutest of the details. Many channels broadcasted it and let the world know about it. The hype was created around the first night countdown before the new beginning and that is where the love for countdowns started. This gathering was blessed with amazing performances that were unique from others and so diverse that it was lovely to see the acceptance of diversity and spreading the message of love, peace and societal acceptance. This is what marked the beginning of another event in the course of history, another date to be recognized and appreciated.

The same gathering is held in many parts of the world now including the famous South Orange Maplewood which is a town where the first night is celebrated with full enthusiasm by the students just like any other. Surprising to say, what started off as a change in the celebratory idea turned into such a huge success that it has been carved in to the pages of the history and made an important day on the calendar.



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